The Frank & Dean Show

Frank Sinatra

Tribute Artist DAN LAUZON

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When an audience member or client listens to the show, they will think they have gone back in time. The look, mannerisms and voice are like Frank Sinatra himself. Often after a show, audience members would ask if he was lip singing. A compliment indeed.

When Dan performs a show he is professional, reliable, funny and has audience participation. You will absolutely love it.


Dan Lauzon, has been an entertainer all his life. Dan has taken on the role as Frank Sinatra with great success. Everywhere Dan has performed he has received great reviews. Dan has Frank Sinatra’s looks, style and mannerisms. So much so, that highly acclaimed Frank Rondell (Ray Charles, Frankie Valli ) has signed him on.
Dan has also performed with Jim Farrauto (Dean Martin) on many occasions. As well as Gerri Defoe (Whitney Houston), Dave Lafame (Tom Jones, Elton John) and Frank Rondell (Ray Charles, Frankie Valli). His fame is quickly spreading.

Daniel Lauzon  is one of the BEST Frank Sinatra Tribute Artists of all time. He has been crooning the audiences with all the Sinatra hits.  He has all the mannerisms, the look and THE VOICE.  He performs with his Pal, Jim Farrauto, who Just happens to be the BEST Dean Martin Tribute Artist of all time.  If you were to see them together one would think they were the real performers.

Whether performing alone or with his Pal Jim Farrauto with tracks or with the VegasNorth Orchestra. This is one show you don’t want to miss.

Dean Martin


A client can expect a professional tribute show from 1/2 an hour to a full hour in length. Jim usually performs with Dan Lauzon as Frank Sinatra and together their show is a fabulous re-visit of the Rat Pack! Presently, back ground tracks are used but we are in the process of putting together a back-up band which will add the full Vegas effect. All sound equipment can be provided if needed, depending on the venue.


Dean Martin has been part of Jim’s consciousness since birth. He has always said….”I was weaned on Dean!” Growing up as an Italian Canadian meant that Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack were always on the stereo. Music was a huge part of Jim’s family and he started performing in bands as a teen. No matter where his career took him, being in a band as a vocalist and guitarist was always a part of it.
While impersonating Dino, one night, Jim was discovered by world renowned Ray Charles tribute artist, Frank Rondell and was quickly signed to his management company. Jim has had the privilege of performing with Tom Jones tribute artist, Dave La Fame, Dan Lauzon as Frank Sinatra and Geri De Foe as Whitney Houston. His reputation as the Ultimate Dean Martin Tribute Artist is quickly spreading!
Jim lives in Burlington with his wife. He has grown daughters and several grandchildren.

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